Dynastar Race Catalogue up now

We uploaded the Dynastar, Lange and Look Race Catalogue for our race customers here.

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gang plank review

Gang plank review by the Angry Snowboarder

"The Gang Plank is quickly becoming the Rome Snowboards team riders board of choice. There’s a reason for it, it’s actually a really solid well rounded deck"

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Firetail GTX Review by Backpacking Review

"They may be labelled simply as approach shoes, but in my short 3 months of having them, I have been able to call them trail runners, technical climbing shoes, backpacking boots, mountaineering boots, and approach shoes. I even wear them to work almost everyday."

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Heatsock app

Cold feet were yesterday

If you constantly suffer cold feet or just want to be nice and cosy warm on those freezing cold days, you should have a look into heating options for your feet. They make sure that you can make the most of your days up the hill instead of spending most of your time in the café. As with heating solutions for your home, such as heat pump or fire there are different options to choose from. For all of them, a well-fitting boot is the premise.

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speed ascent facebook

Speed Ascent wins Outdoor Award

Happy times for Salewa at the Outdoor in Friedrichshafen. The all new Speed Ascent won the Outdoor Industry award last week.

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skiing vola

Vola Tech Tips - How snow and weather are important for your ski tuning

Welcome back to our Vola Tech tips. This post complements the last one about waxing. And if it is the first time you clicked in, why don’t you have a look at our introduction.

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School Holiday Demo Week

Nic is on the road this week and early next week for Dynastar demos around different ski fields down South.

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photo waxing2

Vola Tech Tips - 5 Waxing basics

You have probably heard that it has been snowing over night and there are a couple of opening days scheduled for later this week. This means it is about time for you to get your gear slope ready and for us to carry on with our Vola Tech Tips. As mentioned in the last post, this one is about waxing.

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012001 Racle plastique 4mm

Vola Tech Tips - Three easy ski tuning basics

With Vola just landed and on the way to the stores we have a new member in our brand family. To welcome the brand we are doing a little series on all things tuning and keeping your gear in good shape over the next couple of weeks.

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Big Opening - Small Planet Queenstown

Small Planet Backcountry in Queenstown is opening its great looking new shop with new season gear and some bargains from previous seasons. The official opening event is taking place tonight from 5.30 on but we had a sneak preview yesterday. It's looking good, so make sure to drop by.

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