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Dynastar high mountain Cham 97 review with Katie Deans

Tags: #Dynastar

being an oldschool skier i was slow on making a change to a ski with a dominant rocker shape i typically like a ski that skis below the powder[deep feeder] not a surface dweller! ...i used the ski for heliguiding and was thrilled with it what i found best was its ability to ride through all conditions and as we know in nz we get all types it also made life easy and skiing hard all day was a breeze i used the ski later in the season for touring. the new binding was easy to adjust for touring and the whole set up was light which made getting up the hill easier i did ski  in the chutes at tc and had found they chattered a bit on the harder steeper snow that day, so i had to concentrate on where my weight was more.
Katie Deans always on top of every mountain! Thank you for being such an amazing ambassador for our sport for so many years.