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Lenz Heat App - This is how it works

Can't get off your smartphone but always got cold feet? If you wonder how these two things go together, the following video has the explanation. Lenz is not only providing premium heat solutions for those really cold days early season or in the Northern hemisphere, they also made a video to show how their new heat app works. It is definitely making life easier: All their heat products can be controlled through your smartphone now, setting temperatures, checking battery status and heat levels.

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Heatsock app

Cold feet were yesterday

If you constantly suffer cold feet or just want to be nice and cosy warm on those freezing cold days, you should have a look into heating options for your feet. They make sure that you can make the most of your days up the hill instead of spending most of your time in the café. As with heating solutions for your home, such as heat pump or fire there are different options to choose from. For all of them, a well-fitting boot is the premise.

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