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Vola Tech Tips - Waxing basics

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You have probably heard that it has been snowing over night and there are a couple of opening days scheduled for later this week. This means it is about time for you to get your gear slope ready and for us to carry on with our Vola Tech Tips. As mentioned in the last post, this one is about waxing.

To get the best performance out of your skis, waxing the base is an essential part of preparation. To give you a bit of a technical background first, the ski base does not directly slide on the snow. Sliding happens because there are small water droplets being created through the friction between the snow and the wax on the base of the ski. The more of the ski base is in contact with the snow, the more it will slide. Taking flouro waxes, which are hydrophobic and therefore water repellent products as an example: they disperse the water droplets much quicker, which increases gliding and speed of the ski.


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For waxing, no matter if you do it yourself or if you take your babies to the ski shop you trust, these five points are the most important to remember:


  1. Clean the base of the ski before applying the wax.

  2. Loosen the grip on the ski to allow it to flex whilst applying the wax.

  3. Apply a few drops along the entire length of the base, approximately 25grams per pair.

  4. Using a professional iron such as the Vola Waxing Iron will spread the wax evenly and allow you to control the temperature.

  5. Do not leave skis unwaxed for long periods of time and remove the wax from the edges.


 waxing iron action


It is important not to overheat or burn the wax as it might not work properly then. Have a look on the packaging to see which temperatures are recommended. Flouro waxes, for example, are especially sensitive to overheating and will release flourocarbons, so set the waxing iron to the correct temperature.

It is recommended to apply the wax in a well ventilated area, at room temperature to allow the wax to cool at a constant rate allowing for it to soak in to the ski base. Remove the wax from the edges using the plastic scraper or by removing the tape if you applied some earlier. But wait a little, till the base is really cooled down before scraping. The longer the wax is left the better the performance will be. Scrape all the wax and then brush.