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The DF2 is the board you take anywhere and everywhere in the world. The most versatile freestyle board in our lineup, ride this smooth flex board top to bottom in the park through technical rails and big jumps.




CAMBER: Micro Camber - Featuring zero camber between your feet, and rockers on the tip and tail to lift them completely off the snow, the Flat boards are horizontally level. Super easy to slip and slide, this shape makes the board feel loose, soft, and effortless to press and butter to fuel your park creativity.


Twin Tip - The width and length of tip and tail are exactly the same. Inserts and stance are perfectly centered with no set back.

Blunt - This particular shape improves overall control of the board by keeping the full contact length, but shrinking the actual board size. The shape comes with a straight cut on the tip and tail areas, which makes the board shorter than a regular board. This reduces weight and improves rotation, and the end result is a lightweight and playful board ideal for freestyle maneauvers, but very versatile.

CORE: Super Pop - A tip to tail layer of pure solid poplar wood is the soul of the Super Pop core, which is lively, powerful, solid, and extremely durable.

BASE: Sintra 6000 - Comprised of the highest quality P-Tex material, the Sintra 6000 base adds extra durability and speed over baseline models to deliver an extra push to your dynamic and progressive riding.

LAMINATES: Carbon Rods - The Carbon Rods offers a single, centered carbon stip running from tip to tail,which offers a symmetrical power transmission with a lot of pop without tampering with torsional stiffness of the board for more flex, pop, and reactivity

FIBREGLASS: Biax - The Biax has glass fibers that are positioned at 90° off-axis to transmit soft tortional stiffness for an easy carving ride.

EXTRA FEATURE: Detuned Edges - Our freestyle - jibbing boards come straight from the factory with pre-detuned edges on tip and tail. This prevents the snowboard from catching edges, and gives an extra buttery feeling while riding. Detuned edges are a necessity if you’re hitting boxes, rails, or walls.

SIZES:  154 - 156cm

RRP: $779.00