sierra leone II

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Sierra Leone II

Sierra Leone, our Best seller for 25 years. Extended innertent length for taller persons, in a modified dome tent. Tw o ridgepoles increas e the vestibule spac e, but not the weight. The tent with one of the longest histories in the outdoor business. For over 25 years it has been our best seller. This doesn´t come from afar. An extended innertent hosts even taller persons, steep side walls increase interior space, a simple yet rocksteady design for a tent for nearly all conditions. Two vestibule poles increase the headroom, but keep the weight low and the new design speed up the setup process. This tent features our new pole buckle which easy the setup when you are alone on your way. 2 Person tent.

Rapid Set-Up
Rainproof Entrance
Door Storage Pocket
Side Ventilations
Double Wall
Spring Clips

RRP: $ 799