DAIMD01 MENACE 98 rgb72dpi
  • DAIMD01 MENACE 98 rgb72dpi
  • DAIMD01 MENACE 98 rgb72dpi 3
  • DAIMD01 MENACE 98 rgb72dpi 4
  • DAIMD01 MENACE 98 rgb72dpi 05 177x720 a4d4e176 22e4 4c4e 8454 5ad875ace38b

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Twin Rocker provides easy steering, speed control, and playful floatation in powder and heavy snow. Spring Blade technology delivers increased energy and shock absorption for incredible "load up and pop" capability on natural and man-made features. Featuring high-performance sandwich wood core construction, the Menace 98 provides unrivalled power, stability, and float for stomping smooth, easy spins in the backcountry and slashing first tracks. The wood core is machined to varying thicknesses and layered with fibreglass laminate of varying lengths, creating a springboard effect for incredible energy and pop on jumps and take-offs, and increased shock absorption for landing impacts. 


SIDECUT: 132 / 98 / 120 MM


WEIGHT: 3.8 kG (LENGTH 175)

AVAILABLE LENGTHS: 169 / 175 / 181 / 187 CM


RRP: $1099.90